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Photography for the digital booklet from the album "Irrefragible Laws" by Maria Quintanilla. Available for download on Bandcamp.

Voice, Percussion & Compositions by Maria Alejandra Quintanilla

Piano & Synths by Renato Diz

Recorded & Engineered by José Diogo Neves at Douglass Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY.

Additional elements recorded by Maria Alejandra Quintanilla & Renato Diz at W&J Productions in Harlem, NY.

Mixed & Mastered by José Diogo Neves in Tallinn, Estonia.

Photography by Pedro Marnoto

Graphic Design by Lizzie Suh and Maria Alejandra Quintanilla

Produced by Maria Alejandra Quintanilla & Renato Diz

© 2023 Maria Alejandra Quintanilla. All rights reserved.


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